For Families

            Whether you are looking to connect with local resources or other local parents, receive support from our Family Support Specialist’s access to our respite care clearinghouse, resource library, or receive information on how to become a respite care provider, we can help!

            Federation support is always free of cost; we work hard to provide information and referral, informal support, education and advocacy to families.

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Whether you are looking for support for placement, counseling, Medicaid, IEP’s, or other services, we can help. Our Family Support Specialist’s are key resources families utilize when working with the Federation.

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Families and service providers acquainted with issues in children’s mental health frequently recognize the strong need and lack of respite care providers as one of the largest gaps in services for both themselves and others.     Read More

shutterstock_45612625If you would like to connect with other parents and family members who have children with a mental health diagnosis, you can call 208-433-8845 to ask about parent discussion groups.  You can also access our discussion forum where you can post questions and concerns and hear back from other local parents.
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