Board of Directors

Jennifer Griffis      President



Rick Huber   Vice President



 Jonathan Morgan  Secretary



Morgan Knab   Treasurer



 Payton Nelson  Youth Representative


 Kathie Garrett

Kathie Garrett has a life time of experience and advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities. Kathie started working in the California State Hospital system in 1963. Of that time she said, “The only way I could survive was to focus on how I could make things better for people living in these institutions and how to get them back into our communities.”

In 1982, Kathie and her family moved to South Carolina where Kathie finished her degree in Political Science at Clemson University. Next they moved to Oregon were Kathie completed a Masters in Public Administration from Portland State University.

The Garretts moved to Idaho in 1991 and they were more that ready to put down roots. Kathie immediately got involved pursuing her passion for politics and advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities and their families.

Kathie served as an Idaho State Representative from 2002 through 2006. She served as Vice Chairman of the House Health and Welfare Committee and served on the Health Care Task Force, the Mental Health Subcommittee, and the Mental Health Transformation Work Group.

Kathie currently works as a Legislative Advisor for several health care and disabilities groups. Kathie also serves as the Chair of the Governor’s Council on Suicide Prevention, as well  as a member of the State Planning Council on Mental Health, and a Board member of NAMI-Idaho and the Family Medicine Residency.

Kathie has taken leadership to establish Partners in Crisis, a group of individuals and organizations who are interested in improving Idaho’s  mental health and substance abuse system and impacting public policy.

Kathie is married to Vern Garrett who is co-owner of Assent Behavioral Health specializing in substance abuse treatment especially for those with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Kathie and Vern have two grown children and are proud grandparents of four grandsons.



Fred Kirn

Hi, my name is Fred Kirn and I am the dinosaur on the Board of Directors, not because I’m old, but because I am the last original member and held the distinction of being the Board’s first President. I am the father of two young ladies, Amy and Gabrielle, and the spouse of Mary for the last 29 years. Gabrielle, a child with BiPolar and severe anxiety disorders, challenged my education and experience in the mental health field for most of her adolescence and young adulthood. Even with advanced degrees in counseling and 24 years of experience in the field, it was impossible to be your child’s therapist and father at the same time, so enter the Federation, with its parent support, training in IDEA and education.

I am retired as the Region VII Field Program Manager for Children and Family Services (CFS), where I oversaw public child welfare and child mental health. Previously I was the Chief of Children’s Mental Health, supervising foster care and adoptions, and was a practicing child therapist. I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Idaho and a B.S. in Psychology from Washington State University.

I am patriotic, being born in Washington D.C. on George Washington’s birthday, in the Garfield Memorial Hospital. I enjoy golf, or as some say, am a fanatic about the sport. I do maintain a 10 handicap, which isn’t bad for a guy who didn’t take it up until his mid-40s. I love the outdoors and do a lot of hiking and backpacking in Idaho, Arizona and Utah. I am an Apple Mac lover and believe everyone should be one too. I have an artistic side, painting and drawing, and photographing the great outdoors, from Yellowstone to Arizona’s Superstition Mountains to the beaches of southern California.



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Kimberly Hokanson



Vanessa Morgan



Cheryl Mulvihill



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